Learn to swim with a private instructor.

Tailor your learning with flexible times and individual attention

Making Private Lessons Accessible

Propel creates access to affordable private swim lessons in local pools, giving you the flexibility to book anytime with your choice of instructor and location.

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Register Anytime

Find times that work for you and start your lessons this week. No more registration lines or waitlists.


Always Available

With no lesson sets, book as many or as few lessons as you need.


Flexible Schedule

Reschedule your lessons up to 48 hours in advance.


Individual Attention

Have you been stuck on a swim level? Enjoy faster learning outcomes with 100% of your instructor's attention.

Defining the Future of Aquatics

The way people learn how to swim has fundamentally never changed. Swimmers often spend most of their time fighting off the cold while waiting for their turn. With Propel, it's always their turn

Creating Real Connections

Consistency is the key to learning any life skill and the same is true for swimming. Propel allows you to find your favourite swimming instructor and maintain that connection as you progress through each Red Cross level.

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"A great experience all around. My only hesitation in recommending Propel is that it is a hidden gem, and if the word gets out it may be hard to book!"

Drew R.

Providing the Best Value

Any way you slice it, private swim lessons provide more individual attention and opportunity to learn per dollar spent than any other form of swim instruction.

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"I was amazed at the progress my 6-year-old daughter made after just one class."

Dina W.

Are you ready to connect with the water?

With no minimum number of lessons to book and your choice of instructor, location, and schedule, Propel allows you to learn on your own terms.

Propel is the first online marketplace offering private swim lessons in a network of under-utilized pools.
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