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A pool that works for you.

Offer private swim lessons as an amenity and turn your pool into a profitable asset

Shared Pools, Private Lessons

Hotels & Resorts

From budget hotels to high end luxury resorts, our service complements your brand and your bottom line.

Homes & Condos

Learn to swim in your own pool, or invite your tenants or neighbors to sign up, all while offsetting your heating and maintenance costs.

Public & Private

Ensure your facility is fully utilized to optimize revenue by admitting single private lessons taught by vetted and experienced instructors.

Hospitality is Evolving

With the rise of the shared economy, local and travelling consumers have demonstrated a clear preference for unique experiences over standard ones. Why not invite this next generation of consumers to enjoy and share everything your facility has to offer.

Approval At All Levels

Security Team Approved

Access to your facility is carefully controlled with lesson schedules and attendance viewable any time.

Business As Usual

With booking and reporting all automated, just notify accounting to start receiving payments.

Legal Ready

At no cost to you, our umbrella insurance policy protects you and your establishment from liability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What responsibilities do hosts have?

None other than maintaining the pool and providing a means for instructors and clients to access it. You don't need to greet anyone, meet anyone, or even be at the pool during the lesson.

How much can I expect to make?

You are welcome to set your base admission rate as high or as low as you like to meet your revenue goals. Pools in our network has offset their heating and maintenance costs while other have turned a profit.

Do I need to close my pool during a lesson?

No, our instructors never close any part of the pool or lessons; instead we swim where space is available. In the event that the pool is too crowded, we will always cancel our lessons to give your guests priority.

Can my guests get a discount?

Absolutely. It's your pool, your rules. If you want to give your guests, tenants, or neighbors a discount on admission into your facility you are welcome to do so. Contact us to learn more.

What Other Hosts Are Saying

"Propel has enabled us to transform our costly pool into a profitable asset. I love that we are recuperating heating and maintenance costs while our guests enjoy private swim lessons as an additional amenity."

Udo Schwarze, GM

River Rock Casino Resort

Richmond, BC

Put All Your Assets To Work

Diversify your amenity portfolio by offering personal training in your empty gym, tennis lessons on your unused courts, or anything else you can imagine.

Propel is the first online marketplace offering private swim lessons in a network of under-utilized pools.
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