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Teach For Yourself

Simple Setup

Create a profile, post some availability, and receive notifications when you've been booked. It's that simple.

Make More, Work Less

Set your own hours and price, we'll handle the rest. As your reputation grows, you can change your price to reflect what your time is worth.

Join Our Community

Gain access to a growing network of partnered pools and a rapidly expanding client base.

Connect With Your Clients

With Propel there are no lesson sets or registration dates to slow down the progress you're making with swimmers. Clients always have their choice of instructor and can book with you as far in advance as you make your schedule available.

How It Works for Instructors

1. Create Your Profile

It's free to create a profile on Propel. Introduce yourself with a short description, add a few photos, and list your areas of teaching interest or expertise.

2. Set Your Location, Price, and Availability

Browse available pools in your area and decide where you would like to teach. Set your price and see the effect that access and booking fees will have on how much you make. Lastly, set your availability to let clients know when they can book with you.

3. Get Booked and Teach Your Lessons

Once you are booked, prepare for your lesson by reviewing any notes sent from your client and the access instructions for the pool. Meet your clients at the designated time and teach your lesson.

We've Got Your Back

Secured Payments

Propel charges clients at the time of booking, so you don't need to worry about handling payments or clients who don't show up for lessons. Payment is sent out via direct deposit bi-weekly minus any fees and taxes.

$5M Liability Insurance

If your client gets hurt during a lesson, our Instructor Liability Insurance protects you from liability claims up to five million dollars, included free for every Propel instructor.

Cancellation Protection

Never worry about clients trying to cancel on you last minute. With our 48 Hour Cancellation Policy, you will always know ahead of time exactly what your lesson schedule will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a client book with me?

Clients browse instructor profiles and their hours of availability on our website. They can book as few or as many lessons as they want but they cannot book within 48 hours of a lesson start time.

What if I need to change my availability?

You are welcome to change your availability as often as you like but only if it doesn't affect previously booked lessons. Cancelling a booked lesson is annoying to clients and hurts your reputation.

How will I know when I have been booked?

You will receive notifications when you are booked and can check out lesson times and client details on your Propel calendar.

What if a client doesn't show up?

Clients pay for the lesson at the time of booking, so if they don't show up, you can go home early or hit the hot tub and wait for your next client. Regardless, you will be paid in full.

What Other Instructors Are Saying

"Between travelling and working as a seasonal forest fire fighter it's hard to maintain a consistent schedule with public pools. On Propel, I can teach whenever I'm in town."

Guilherme, Vancouver

"Propel has allowed me to continue focusing on my other long term career goals while leveraging my prior teaching experience to work an extra day a week and pay down my mortgage."

Cassandra, Richmond

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