Fitness 2000

Lap Pool
4ft to 11ft deep
20m long

With 5 lanes and 20 metres of pool to work with, this facility is amazing for intermediate to advanced swimmers looking to improve their distance and endurance as well as confidence in deep water. For new or first time triathletes, this pool is also an amazing and private coaching facility. Located in an easily accessible residential neighbourhood with free parking. Please note that since only 1 lane is available for Propel lesson use, if 2 lessons are occurring, the lane will need to be shared.

Location Rules

  • Children are not allowed to use the hot tub
  • No glass, food, or drink on the pool deck
  • No eating within an hour of your lesson.
  • A parent must stay to observe students under 16 years old.
  • Only 1 lane is available for Propel lesson use at any one time.


Free Parking

Lounge Seating

Private Shower Stalls



Parking & Access

Parking is free in any Fitness 2000 member parking lot. Just provide your license plate number to the front desk when you arrive to validate your complimentary parking. Detailed pool access instructions along with your booking confirmation.