Anna G.


My experience in swim instructing was built over several years working as a lifeguard/ instructor at the pool where I grew up. I taught all ages and levels of experience, learning to adjust to each student's unique needs and speeds of understanding. Swimming is filled with progresions, and ensuring students have a solid understanding of each of these progresions is an important skill I have honed. While focusing on foundations sometimes begins with slow progress, I always found it worthwhile as the firm foundation lead to better learning as they progress. What I loved about my experience was watching students grow as a swimmer and those light bulb moments when they understood the next progression of a stroke. I have a deep passion for the water, understanding how to enjoy it safely, and would aim to pass this onto each of my students!

Where I Teach

Centrally located downtown, the Sheraton Suites features a shallow pool and natural light ideal for beginner to intermediate swimmers of all ages. Enjoy lounge seating in a comfortable environment with a slide, complimentary towel-service, private showers, and a hot tub for swimmers to warm up in.

Access instructions are provided after your booking is complete.