South Port Moody Pool

Leisure Pool
4ft to 11ft deep
37ft long

Nestled in the heart of Central Coquitlam, this local neighbourhood gem is an exceptionally warm pool featuring a spacious and modern interior. The shallow side has stairs which are perfect to help toddlers and children adjust to the water one step at a time. Because this pool ranges from 4 to 11 feet deep, adults can also learn everything here – from beginner floats to treading deep water.

Location Rules

  • Security camera records pool deck activity only
  • No food, drink, or glass on the pool deck
  • No eating within an hour of your lesson.
  • A parent must stay to observe students under 16 years old.


Separate Changing Room

No Shower

Free Parking

Observation Seating




Pool access instructions will be sent once a booking is made.