John D.


In my many years teaching 7+ years teaching experiences, I have taught all different types of age groups and have always had positive experiences. I have taught Parents and tots all the way up to adults at multiple ability levels. The experiences I have gained through working at a pool are how to attend to difficult patrons in an de-escalating manner, how to administer first aid outside of a CPR training course, and how to clean a pool after a bathroom accident happens. These experiences, upon others, have me fully equipped to work at any pool without any additional help. I try to incorporate games into the curriculum wherever I can to make people enjoy learning how to swim in a safe environment. I find that no matter the age, pool games are the most engaging and fun for someone to learn how to swim. I like to connect with patrons when in the pool so that they are able to trust my skills to teach them and that they are able to feel confident in learning how to swim. I try my best to cater to everyone's ability, no matter what it may be. I encourage people to learn from their mistakes and take it as guidance for their next swimming lesson instead of a burden. Many people just focus on curriculum, which is important, but it is important to also make personal connections and abilities rather than what a patron might be “bad” at. The bigger picture is always important to me because I see potential in the students that I teach and motivate them to do better in their next session, Fully Vaccinated

Where I Teach

This quiet indoor pool is great for beginner and intermediate swimmers of all ages. Feeling hungry after your lesson? Make you stop by the hotel restaurant on your way out for a bite!

Access instructions are provided after your booking is complete.