Mission Keystone Pool

Warm Leisure Pool (30-31°C)
3ft to 10ft deep
40ft long

Our insanely warm indoor pool has everything you need to make your swimming experience comfortable and enjoyable. We've got a diving board, rope swing, private showers and comfy seating for parents who want to relax while they watch. Our changing room is separate from the rest room. And the water in our pool has varying depths: 3ft on one side and 10ft on another, perfect for going from beginner to deep water pro!

Location Rules

  • No glass food or drink containers allowed
  • Shower before using the pool
  • No running on patio around pool deck
  • No lifeguard on duty
  • No diving
  • A parent must stay to observe students under 16 years old
  • No eating within two hours of your lesson


Separate Changing Room

Free Parking

Observation Seating

Private Changeroom Shower




Pool access instructions and address become available only after your booking is made. To view these, login to your Propel account and navigate to the lesson details section.

Welcoming All Swim Instructors

Are you a swim instructor interested in teaching your own private lessons? Well we invite you to do that here! Learn more about our pool and how you can use it below.

See Pool Use Details and Schedule