Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport

Leisure Pool
3ft to 5ft deep
32ft long

CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID, EST. REOPENING TO BE DETERMINED Conveniently located across the street from Aberdeen mall, the indoor pool at the Radisson hotel is a relaxing oasis hidden from the bustle of busy No. 3 road below. Inside you'll enjoy a soothing hot tub, free towel service and wifi. This shallow pool is perfect for beginners of all ages to learn the basics.

Location Rules

  • One towel per swimmer
  • No diving
  • No glass or food


Free Parking

Towel Service


Lounge Seating

Private Shower Stalls

Hot Tub



Parking & Access

There is paid parking located in front of the hotel and free parking next door at the Yaohan. Pool access directions are sent after booking.