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Thadene L.

River Rock Casino Resort

Canadian Red Cross Certified

Hi! My name is Thadene and I've been teaching swimming lessons for the past 16 years. I am also a lifeguard/swimming instructor and am fluent in the Red Cross Program. Prior to that I did competitive swimming and was also a swim coach for the Richmond Rapids. I’ve been at the pool my entire life and really love to swim. I enjoy teaching lessons and seeing the daily improvements in my students. I have taught various age groups from 6 months old to 60 years old and in my experience I have seen that one on one swimming lessons is the fastest way to see results. Whether it's learning to be comfortable in the water or trying to improve your stroke technique and endurance, private lessons help streamline your learning as it caters to individual needs. Swimming is a very important life skill and I am happy to teach people of all ages and skill levels (it’s never too late to learn!) The key to knowing how to swim is to understand how your body moves in the water so let’s get in and try it out!

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Learn to swim at the River Rock Casino Resort

This luxurious saltwater pool is the perfect place to book a private swim lesson with lush greenery and natural West Coast inspired architecture. For parents of swimmers, our on deck experience is second to none with lounger seating, perfect to recline and relax on. We offer full towel service for all swimmers and have a large hot tub to warm up in. For the kids, or the kid in you, the pool also features a 70 foot waterslide. We also have a fantastic assortment of amenities available just outside the pool area including an onsite coffee shop, spa, and casino.


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