Chloe M.

Years Teaching


My name is Chloe Miller and I have been teaching for two years now. I am very passionate about swimming, water safety, as well as my job. I have my WSI, NLS, and LSI certifications. I have also competed in two lifeguard competitions and placed first in the individual first aid category in one of the competitions. I love to work with kids, teens as well as adults. My areas of teaching are diverse as I have experience with many different types of clients. I have experience teaching children of all ages, as well as children with disabilities, lots of experience with adult swimmers, as well as experience with athletes. I am enthusiastic about my job and love when people have a goal that they aim to reach, whether it be just learning the basics, to training for races/marathons.

Skills & Experience



Stroke Correction
Bubbles and breathing control
Fun games and adventures


Late learners
Preparing to swim on vacation
Triathlon training and endurance

Special Needs

Non-verbal communicators
Calming breathing exercises
Swimmers with Autism


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