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Casselman, ON

Qualification: Any swim instructor certificate
Experience: Learn-to-swim 1 yr (paid)
Commitment: None, no lease required
Insurance: Provided
Type: Independent operator
Price: Set by instructor
Schedule: Set by instructor within pool hours
Pool Hours: Provided during application process

No resume or cover letter required
Propel Instructor

Casselman Pool

1810 Route 500 W, Casselman, ON

Welcome. We are a family of 5 who want to share this gift that is our beautiful indoor heated pool with the community. We moved to Casselman/Embrun last October and are so grateful to have this bonus in our house for our family, and now others. At our previous property with 3 young children, going through the pandemic (2020 and 2021) swimming lessons were out of the question for us like most people/families. Everything was closed and there were no start dates for lessons in sight, for what felt like a long time. Once our family moved here and realized we could somehow 'host' our pool and provide this service - it was something that was exciting, curious but also a bit intimidating! We would love to share our space (with whomever age) to learn, build their skills, and enjoy the water. The space in the pool room along with the water is heated, and is quite warm. This is the case year round, so availability to book lessons is open throughout the calendar year. Some seating will be added and feel free to bring your own chair if you please.

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At Propel we help facilities become more profitable by earning admission revenue from working with instructors who want to teach their own private swimming lessons. Propel charges a 16% booking fee for facilitating bookings, payments, and insurance, but otherwise there are never fees paid out-of-pocket for signing up, listing, or promotion.

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"I earned more than enough to pay for school while setting a schedule around my busy student life."

Priscilla O.
Swim instructor in Richmond, BC
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"Propel takes care of everything, all the hotel has to do is provide the trainer with a key card."

Shaun P.
Sales Director, YRS Hotel, Toronto, ON
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“Unlike elsewhere, at Propel you keep the majority of the value you generate. Wild.”

Olivier H.
Swim Instructor in Vancouver, BC
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“We created a platform made for swim instructors, by swim instructors.”

Amie N.
Cofounder, Propel

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