Get $15 off your first lesson!

Private lessons that fit your budget.

With a variety of prices offered by independent swim instructors.

Instructors for any budget

At Propel, each swimming instructor sets their own price. Instructors typically set their prices while considering a variety of factors including their:

  • level of experience
  • specific expertise
  • reputation and demand for their services

No additional fees or taxes

The price you see on the website is the price you will pay. There are no hidden sign up fees or additional pool fees. When applicable, taxes will also be included in the displayed price.

What's included?

The price that you see listed on the website includes one hour of the instructor's time along with admission for both of you into the pool.

How much does it cost to add an extra swimmer?

For an additional 20% fee you can add one extra swimmer to any lesson. You can then choose to share the lesson with both swimmers learning in the water at the same time or split the lesson with one swimmer learning to swim at a time.

What about cancellations?

Swimmers may cancel or reschedule any time up to 48 hours before a lesson starts without providing any reason. Payments for cancelled lessons will be automatically refunded or credited.

Within 48 hours of a lesson start time, cancelling or rescheduling are no longer permitted, and no refunds or lesson credits will be issued.

How does Propel pricing compare?

Because Propel lessons are booked directly with instructors in smaller facilities, you'll find lessons offered at rates that are often even less expensive than group lessons.

You can read the full comparison here

Lesson TypeStudentsCost ($/min)
Propel1-2$0.92 - $1.17
Propel is the first online marketplace offering private swim lessons in a network of under-utilized pools.
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